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Our contact information is 682-225-4034 or Shawn@YVMM.net

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“Creating a Kick A$$ Marketing Machine for Your Small Business” ebook is not full of fluff and theory! It is going to help save you many hours and headaches in putting your marketing into practice for your business.


In this 30 page ebook you’ll learn:


  • Blogging and Why Its Important

  • Headline Writing – the Correct Way to Do It

  • How to Use A Call To Action

  • Social Media – Is It Worth The Work?

  • How to Use 3rd Party Tools With Social Media

  • Email Marketing – How To Make Sure People Still Opening Your Emails


If you are looking for SRS Virtual Assistant you are at the right place. We are rebranding our company to…Your Virtual Marketing Machine.

This better shares what we do and the services we offer. So welcome…

The Different Services Offered in Our Packages…


Social Media

We post an assortment of unique branded content to your social media platforms 7 days a week.  Our content is different for each client and branded with your company information included.

Email Marketing

We help you to keep your communication skills constant with the clients you already have and help bring in new.


WordPress Services

We love to help with any blogging needs you may have. We also do weekly maintenance checks and maintenance updates.


Infusionsoft Services

We have different Infusionsoft services that we offer. To learn more click the Infusionsoft services link above.

I had heard other inspectors mention Shawn and “Your Virtual Marketing Machine”. I knew my business could be better at social media. I knew I could use help and was looking for someone that could get it going. One call to Shawn and her staff has me up and running with Facebook, Email campaigns, and now Infusionsoft. I could not be more thrilled to be working with her and her team. Thanks for picking up my slack!

Kurt Grassett

Owner, Norway Hill Inspection Services

“Your Virtual Marketing Machine created great graphics for a presentation to my coaching clients.  I would not hesitate to recommend Your Virtual Marketing Machine to the busy entrepreneur who needs RESULTS immediately.  I was extremely satisfied and the results looked amazing.”
Nick Burton

Owner, State of the Soil

My husband and I have had a small welding business for years.  I have thought about getting a website but didn’t think I had the knowledge to create one and did not have the funds to hire an expensive company to create a website.  I came across Your Virtual Marketing Machine website and found the Super Simple WordPress for Beginner’s Guide.  I found it to be very easy to use and understand.  I spent about 2 hours following the step-by-step instructions and the screen shots provided made it easy to stay on track.  I now have a website for our welding business!

Lisa Talmage

Silver Creek Welding

Things that set us apart from the other guys:

We provide unique content for each client

• The content we provide for you is unique and branded with your Your Virtual marketing machinebusiness. Unlike the bigger companies that post the same thing to each of their clients we at Your Virtual Marketing Machine work to make your content unique, to make it stand out with your branding on it.

We offer a 100% on time delivery guaranteeYour Virtual marketing machine

• Our 100% on-time delivery guarantee assures you that when we quote you a time for your job to be finished it will be done because we guarantee it!

We have a team of specialized VA’s!flag

• Your work will be done by U.S. based VA’s who all report to me. No chasing down a different assistant for each section of work you need to have done. I answer all your calls and questions.

Shawn and her team eliminated all of my concerns about using a virtual assistant. I expected it to be expensive and time consuming. I couldn’t be more surprised or pleased. All you do is explain what you need and they do it. They are familiar with my business so no training was necessary. Projects are done timely and the communication is outstanding. I highly recommend Your Virtual Marketing Machine. I will be using their services indefinitely.

Doug Corbridge

Owner , Premier Home Inspection LLC

I have been in business for myself for 40 years. I wish I had always had a computer, smart phone, internet, and most of all Shawn at Your Virtual Marketing Machine. She has filled all the gaps and has done a great job in doing so. I have never heard the words, “I can’t”. She is a “can do” person and a pleasure to work with. If you find yourself running around saying, “I wish I could do this, wish I had time to do that”, you need to call Shawn because she CAN do it all.

Bill Moore

Owner, Hot Trails & Buyers Inspection Service

Your Virtual Marketing Machine Gets the Job Done! Working with Your Virtual Marketing Machine has saved me time from doing admin work to freeing me to focus on money making actions. I know that my jobs will be done on time, with accuracy and with the minimum of input by me. That is the joy of working with a Shawn and her team they are there to help when I need them and get the job done when I need it. I would not hesitate to recommend Your Virtual Marketing Machine!

Roger Carroll

Owner, Cowtown Graphics & Signs

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