YouTube Marketing Tip Videos

YouTube Marketing Tip VidoesIn today’s social-media market, YouTube videos are an extremely important part of marketing and will add a whole new dimension to marketing your business.  The key is to create content that addresses your audience’s needs.   To that end, Your Virtual Marketing Machine has created helpful YouTube Marketing Tip Videos.

Shawn Snyder is the founder and owner of Your Virtual Marketing Machine and has posted several YouTube Marketing Tip Videos.  These marketing tips include topics such as “Old Fashion Customer Service”, based on the book by Michael E. Gerber, called The E-Myth Revisited:  Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It.”  So, whatever happened to good old customer service?  Shawn still believes in it and bases her business on it.  Service with a smile, a warm friendly greeting, an I’ll-take-care-of-that-for-you attitude, knowing her customers by their first name, and building trust relationships with her customers.  These “old-fashioned” ideas may not seem groundbreaking to some, but she genuinely believes that her customers are the heart of her business and strives to treat them with the utmost respect.

Another helpful marketing tip video is “Using InfusionSoft as Your Business CRM”.  The acromyn CRM stands for customer relationship management, and Infusionsoft is a sales and marketing automation software platform.   Infusionsoft is a great tool to use for sales funnel, as well as for email marketing and e-commerce needs.  If you are looking for an upgrade to your CRM system, contact us for a free, no obligation consult to see if Infusionsoft is the right marketing tool for you.

Other Helpful YouTube Marketing Tip Videos by Shawn

2 Minute Marketing Tip Facebook Fan Page

The Importance of Keeping In touch With Your Email Marketing List

Building Your Audience on Your Facebook Fan Page

How to Schedule a Post on Facebook Fan Page

How to Have a Sexy & Sassy Mailing List

Facebook Fan Page Services Introduction

Build Your Audience on Your Facebook Fan Page

How to Pin on Facebook Fan Pages

How to Schedule a Post on Facebook Fan Page

Shawn believes that attentive customer service isn’t just the “nice” thing to do, but the RIGHT thing to do.  To speak with Shawn directly about any questions you may have about a marketing strategy that is right for your business, call her at 682-225-4034.

Creating Newsletters

Creating NewslettersCreating newsletters is one of the best ways to engage customers and prospects and stay “top-of-mind” to the target audience.  Small businesses are constantly confronted with the task of finding constructive ways to increase online visibility.  One of the best ways to do this is creating newsletters.  Yes, an email newsletter can solve all of those problems at once.

Creating newsletters people want to read will take some creative thinking on your part.  Newsletters have to be interesting, useful, engaging, and provide information people want to read.

 Tips for Creating Newsletters

  • Think About Your Target Audience:  Will it include business people, vacationers, parents, college students, techies? Your readers want information that is simple and easy-to-digest.  Balance your newsletter content to be 90% educational and 10% promotional.
  • Diminish Your Unsubscribe and Spam Rates:  Properly communicate what will be in the newsletter and how often they will receive it.  Subscribers  know exactly who you are and what information they will receive from you, what you’ll cover in the newsletter and how often you send it.
  • Creative Email Subject Lines:  An email subject line is similar to a call-to-action.  An engaging subject line could use ALL CAPS, the word FREE and an exclamation point!!  Example:  GET FREE HUGS HERE!
  • Keep the Design and Copy Minimal:  White space is key in email newsletters because it helps declutter the page and makes it easier to read.  Text can be boring, so break it up using bulleted lists, quotes, comics or cartoons, highlighted definitions, pictures and other visually engaging components.

Your Virtual Marketing Machine offers cost-effective email marketing services that allows your small business to stay connected to your audience.  Contact me directly at 682-225-4034 for a free, 30-minute, no obligation consult to determine the best way for your business to keep connected to your customers!

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your Virtual Marketing Machine is committed to customer satisfaction guaranteed!  Our team of experts adopts a variety of customized strategies to provide your business or service the maximum web exposure possible by…

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Listening to our customers and designing a customized social media marketing strategy created specifically with branded content.
  • Posting brilliant content on a variety of social media outlets several times a day, seven days a week. The amount of relevant content posted improves your web sites authority and increases web traffic.  There is nothing better for SEO than posting quality content often.  Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Monitoring customer pages to ensure your brand and your reputation receive exceptional, quality content.  Be confident in the content of your social media!
  • Providing daily oversight and engagement with your target audience ensuring you never worry about potential negative comments on your page.  Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!


  • Customer Satisfaction GuaranteedRespecting our customers!  Have the satisfaction of knowing you will always receive quality customer service and special bonuses as a way to express our appreciation for your business.  Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!


We believe in branding content so your business stands out and apart from others.  At Your Virtual Marketing Machine, we are working work hard to provide our customers branded content that we schedule, post and maintain to online platforms.  To learn more visit our service page by clicking here.


Your Virtual Marketing Machine“Shawn and her team eliminated all of my concerns about using a virtual assistant. I expected it to be expensive and time consuming. I couldn’t be more surprised or pleased. All you do is explain what you need and they do it.  They are familiar with my business so no training was necessary. Projects are done timely and the communication is outstanding. I highly recommend Your Virtual Marketing Machine. I will be using their services indefinitely.”
Doug Corbridge,Owner , Premier Home Inspection LLC




Free eBook – Creating A Kick A$$ Marketing Machine

Free eBook - Creating A Kick A$$ Marketing MachineYour Virtual Marketing Machine has created a free eBook for the small business owner who is interested in putting a marketing strategy into practice to promote their business.  “Creating a Kick A$$ Marketing Machine for Your Small Business” eBook is not full of fluff and theory!  These are usable tips that will help save you many hours and headaches as you learn ways to market your business.

In This 30-Page eBook You Will Learn:

  • Blogging and Why Its Important:  Blogging keeps your website active generating ranking in search engines for weeks, months and even years to come driving long-term results.


  • Headline Writing – The Correct Way to Do It:  A headline is very important in getting your content read and your product sold.  It takes some practice and work but it will be worth it in the long run when you have learned how to write a great headline.


  • How to Use A Call To Action:  Having an effective call to action is an essential part of any website.
    • A call to action provides
      • Focus to your site
      • A way to measure your sites success
      • Direction to your users


  • What is a Mailing List?:  If you are just starting out in your business, you may wonder about the importance of a mailing list.  This is a physical list of customers and prospects and this list helps you stay connected to your online customers. 

Click Here and scroll down to grab your Free eBook that will help you create your own Kick A$$ Business.


Meet The YVMM Team

Email MarketingYour Virtual Marketing Machine offers a variety of services to accommodate the entrepreneur and small business owner.  Our goal is to create original meaningful content posted to the platforms our clients use.  The YVMM team works hard to explore options, post brilliant and creative content that is exciting and fun.

To learn more, visit our service page:

Your Virtual Marketing Machine has a team of talented, dedicated and resourceful individuals who each bring their own unique perspective to the company.  The YVMM team of professionals understands the importance of confidentiality.  Our clients have the peace of mind knowing that no client work is discussed or shared outside the walls of YVMM.

Meet The YVMM Team


Owner & Founder:

the YVMM teamShawn started YVMM with a prayer and a computer.  Stellar service is guaranteed, as well as dedicated customer service, which is what has brought the company the success it has today.  She stays busy with the day-to-day business concerns, as well as keeps in touch with all clients and lets them know that she is always there for them.  InfusionSoft customers know that Shawn is busy creating and maintaining their email marketing campaigns.


Social Media Manager:

the YVMM teamShelly is in charge of all things social media…Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, etc.  She manages each client’s social media platform and provides written reports to clients on what YVMM posted, tweeted or logged each week to their various social media platforms.


Social Media Specialist: 

The YVMM teamAngie is our social media specialist. She has experience in all platforms of social media that we service for our clients. She is also in charge of creating the branded content for our social media clients.  She has an eye for detail and creates beautiful branded content.


Email Management Specialist:

The YVMM teamPatti is a true entrepreneur and has started several businesses of her own.  She is currently taking copywriting courses.  She is in charge of all email marketing for our clients.  If you have Mail Chimp email or a Constant Contact newsletter, Patti is the one to make sure your emails get out in time.


WordPress/InfusionSoft Specialist:

the YVMM teamLisa is our WordPress specialist. She takes care of all WordPress maintenance and security updates for our client’s WordPress websites. She also writes and posts blogs and newsletters for our clients who have monthly blog post and monthly Newsletters.  She is also our InfusionSoft Specialist and uses this email marketing platform for our InfusionSoft clients.




Social Media and Only Social Media

social media

Example of Branded Content Posted to Social Media Platforms

At Your Virtual Marketing Machine, we take great pride in providing our clients with the best social media content possible at an affordable price.  Shawn knows from first-hand experience that small businesses must work in the parameters of their budgets, but social media success doesn’t have to be pricey.  We offer a variety of options to choose from.

Social Media and Only Social Media

PROFESSIONAL:  Four Prominent Platforms, such as: Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter.

BUSINESS:  Three Prominent Platforms, such as: Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Twitter.

BASIC:  One of the Prominent Platforms, such as:  Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter.

All Packages Include:

An assortment of unique branded content posted to your platform(s) seven days a week.  All content is customized and branded with your company logo.

  • Reputation management.
  • Weekly client reporting.
  • Daily oversight and engagement with audience.
  • Ongoing industry research to keep content fresh and current.
  • Increased online exposure.
  • Web presence and increased activity creating credibility in field of expertise.

Professional & Business Package Bonus:

Have Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram tabs displayed to easily share your content with others!

Your Virtual Marketing Machine Portfolio

See Content Posted To Our Clients Social Media Platforms

One of our clients uses Facebook and we post branded content to help his readers know, like and trust him.  Some of our clients know that their target market is on Twitter and this platform is a great place for their presence to be seen.  When it’s time to show the professional side of your business, LinkedIn is a professional platform to post daily educational content, post videos, fine resumes or post a job.

At Your Virtual Marketing Machine, we believe that constant and consistent content is the key to success for the small business owner or entrepreneur.  If you would like to explore further social media content postings, email us at



Life, Learn & Love

Life, Learn & LoveThe Beginning…

Not long ago, and not for the first time, I walked through a very dark place that scared me.  I had just been through an exhaustive four-day business event as a vendor.  I got up the very next morning and joined a mastermind group that was supposed to be a two-day event but I knew I wouldn’t be there for two days.

The second day I had to help with a family situation.  On the way to the airport I started feeling ill.  I was so ill I asked my husband to drive me because I didn’t think I could make it. This wasn’t a 24-hour cold, or the week-end flu, I was sick for three weeks.  I have never been wiped off my feet for that long.  I felt so weak.  As I recovered, it took another five days for me to progress…to be able to get out of bed, to sit up on the coach and then to sit up in an office chair.

During that time I hit a wall unlike any that I have ever hit before.

A Wall Of Depression!Life, Learn & Love

I didn’t like myself and I didn’t like anyone I came into contact with and it came across loud and clear.  Then, one day I walked by my bookcase and saw a book with a title that I knew I hadn’t read before. So, I picked it up and sat down and started reading.  And it started….The wall started coming down.  I thought it would so I wasn’t surprised… just relieved!

Growing up as a poor country kid in the middle of Montana on a cattle ranch and, for me, a book has always been able to transform me to another place and time.  Books still hold their power over me.

As I was sitting on the corner of my couch clutching my book, I could feel the power of healing begin to transform me.

Life, Learn & Love

It starts with my soul – no longer troubled.
My spirit began to soar.  My physical body just felt better – the aches and pains that I began to have were gone.

And this thought came to me…I’m not the only one who gets healing from a book.  I know there are others out there just like me.

Mindset, Belief, Freedom, Psyche, Mentality, Peace… whatever the word you use, there is a lesson to be learned –

For Life, For Learning, For Love…

I’m setting out to discover all three. If you would like to come along with me on this journey you are more than welcome. Just click here to sign up.




Services Offered By Your Virtual Marketing Machine

Your Virtual Marketing MachineYour Virtual Marketing Machine offers the small business owner a variety of social media services that best fit their needs.  We cater to the needs of the small business owner keeping in mind that budgets are small and time is important. We understand how to use social media to sow the seeds of successful marketing to reach your readership.

Your Virtual Marketing Machine Offers…

Social Media Marketing:

Our Social Media Marketing & Management ensure that…

  • You never stress over content for your social media ever!
  • Your social media pages make you the authority in your industry because of the amount of content posted to your pages.
  • You will have peace of mind knowing that YVMM monitors what people are saying about your business on your social media pages.
  • There is daily oversight and engagement with your readership.


The Email Marketing Machine:

With our Email marketing machine, we…

  • Create and schedule weekly emails.
  • Each week we send a different type of email to your contacts; these include but not limited to motivational, educational, sales-tip, etc.
  • Customized business brand/logo with your signature line.
  • Monthly newsletters.


WordPress Website Services, Security and Maintenance

With the WordPress website services, you get…

  • Branded content blog written and placed on your business WordPress website with applicable picture included.
  • Weekly website maintenance & security.  We physically log into your website and we…
    • Update all plug-ins and themes.
    • Place Wordfence plugin and run security check of the website.


Infusionsoft Services

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Service Provider
  • Email Marketing
  • Campaign Building
  • E-Commerce Setup


You have the satisfaction of knowing that there will always be bonuses while working with Your Virtual Marketing Machine.  We would love to discuss with you the best way to get branded content via social media marketing to your clients.  Please call 682-225-4034.

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