Infusionsoft’s CRM is a Marketer’s Best Friend…You are a Marketer

The importance of the Infusionsoft CRM is that it shows the:

  • Interest of the contact
  • How to get a hold of the contact
  • Conversations that you have had with a contact

Infusionsoft CRM

This is done by:

  • Tags: Most tags come from sign up forms on a website or a landing page.Tags are so important to check and upkeep because you know the contacts interests in what you have offered and what they may be interested in the future.
  • Sales: This is an important section of the contact area because you will know the recent quotes that the contact was interested in. And the most recent sales the contact has made. This helps you to know their interest and what other things they may be interested in.
  • Emails: This shows you all the emails that the contact has received. You can tell if they opened, unopened or clicked on the email.The importance of knowing what emails the contact is opening and reading are very important. It helps to know if a client has read an email and also helps to test your emails. You can try different days, times of day and subject lines.

Infusionsoft CRM

Other benefits of the Infusionsoft CRM system:

The general tab has several different pieces of information.

  • Billing address,
  • phone & fax
  • Email: Important: Mark the permissions box so you can market to the contact.
  • websites
  • and social media platforms

The address tab has the

  • Shipping & optional address information

The additional info tab is a much under used tab. But a lot of good marketing material can be stored here. Such as:

  • Birthday,
  • anniversary,
  • additional emails. Make sure to click the box saying you have permission to market the email address.


Person Notes tab: This is a great place to keep notes during a phone call.

Tag tab: When you are adding a tag by hand to one contact here is a great place to do it.

If you are interested in learning more about Infusionsoft feel free to contact us by filling out the form on our Infusionsoft page:

Becoming an Infusionsoft Partner

This last 30 days has been a hectic, fast-paced sprint for me. I decided that I wanted to become an Infusionsoft partner beInfusionsoftfore 2018. I didn’t know it at the time but it is a 30 day sprint of training along with getting current client work done. It was more time consuming and difficult then I planned on in the beginning. But I now have the certificate and knowledge to become an asset to my Infusionsoft clients.

Those who know me know that I love to create and implement systems that grow YOUR small business. In fact, it’s our mission statement.

If you find that your business has been struggling with that over the last year let’s make it so 2018 we are turning over a whole new leaf for you and your business.

I have a video to share with you that explains a little bit more about Infusionsoft and what it can help you do. (even if you aren’t a business coach.)

Hope you enjoy it!

Social Media


The Truth About Facebook & ROI

facebookFacebook & ROI

If you have wondered about the return of investment you will get with Facebook, I understand the concern but I would like to share with you the ROI that I believe needs to be focused on when working in social media and that is relationships on investment.

Relationships on Investment (ROI):

Facebook is a relationship based platform. It is a place to build relationships and a presence so people get to know you are there. The important key is to consistently have that presence. Posting several times a day every single day is a key to building that presence. All the time people say to me, “I don’t want to bother people.” A couple of facts; Facebook doesn’t show every single post made to all the people who have liked your page. And two, they are on Facebook skimming through the newsfeed, as long as the posts aren’t the same content that they saw before it’s usually ok with them to see more than one post from you.

To read the rest of the story click here: 

Cogs in the Wheel of Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft Merriam-Webster tells us that a cog is a wheel or bar with a series of projections on its edge that transfers motion by engaging with projections on another wheel or bar. This truly does explain Infusionsoft and the job that it does. It takes a series of cogs and makes them all work together to create motion and engagement of a business… of your business. The beautiful part about the entire process is that you don’t have to fully understand how it all works you just have to understand all Infusionsoft can do for you and go forward. So that is why I thought knowing about the different cogs of the software could be of benefit to you!

Infusionsoft is an all-in-one sales and marketing software for small business. What this all entails are the cogs of CRM, marketing and E-commerce all working together which helps you get more customers, grow sales and save time. It is the perfect software for small businesses with active websites. With the coaching, training and help that Infusionsoft offers to small businesses it is almost impossible not to succeed.

If you are looking for one system that combines marking in finding and developing new leads and CRM to work hot leads and close sales there is a cog that fulfills that need. Need one system that can automate mailing lists, shopping carts, and online marketing Infusionsoft can take care of that. If you are a local service type business and need one system for customer management and marketing then this software is the answer.

The CRM in Infusionsoft is called the “brain.” It centralizes and collects all the date of a customer. Automation is the key to the success of marketing done. It attracts and leads prospects into buying customers and then follows them through the different campaigns and funnels you set up. Store fronts, billing, shopping carts are all a part of the E-commerce part of Infusionsoft and is usually the miss cog of other services that small businesses might be drawn to.

So, the cogs of CRM, E-commerce and marketing are what makes up Infusionsoft and what makes it such a successful software for all of the above needs. It makes sure that your business does not spin out of control and loses its overall view of sales and marketing. It makes sure that you follow up with leads, prospects or customers with targeted campaigns for each. You don’t need to have several different monthly services to pay for, hire more staff because of your success. All you need is the all-in-one solution of Infusionsoft.

Looking for more information? We offer a 30 minute consult to see how we can help Infusionsoft work for your business.

5 Tips To Take the Confusion Out of Infusionsoft



I remember when I had my very first training with Infusionsoft. We had just purchased our own Infusionsoft software and I was going through the first hour of training. The questions they asked where spoken in a foreign language! What was a campaign, what was a tag, and where was the help section? I had just spent a lot of money on something I did not understand and not sure how it was going to help my business. Sound familiar?

A few tips to help take the confusion out of Infusionsoft.

  • Ask for it to be recorded: Do you know that every time you talk to Infusionsoft you can ask for a recording to be made. That starts at the very beginning with the training you receive when you sign up. Those recordings are so valuable because it gives you the ability to go over it again and again if need be. Also, you can share it with your office staff or virtual assistant so they can hear what you and the trainer where working to accomplish. P.S. This is free but you do have to ask for the call to be recorded. You can build a great recording library if need be for Infusionsoft.
  • Customer Support: Infusionsoft has the best customer support that I have experienced. They have phone support 866-800-0004, as well as online support chat – all you have to do is sign into your account and click the question mark you will see at the top of the page. Both systems are going to be available to the customer 24/7 shortly. This will be a huge help to the small business owner who at times has to so on their Infusionsoft work after business hours. Use the customer support it is part of what you are paying for monthly.
  • Be Willing to Play Inside of the System: Do you know what most people do after their training with Infusionsoft? Nothing… they don’t touch the system at all. I’m talking from experience. I was terrified of it. I didn’t really even know how to get into the software and I was scared to publish the campaign that my trainer and I set up. I didn’t understand it and where was the “publish” button anyway? Then something happened. I got mad! Mad enough to get into the software and start pushing buttons and finding things and all of a sudden it didn’t seem so scary!
  • Time: To be honest it is probably going to take some time to become familiar with the software. Most people don’t pick it up in an afternoon. The beauty of Infusionsoft is that it can do so much. The drawback of Infusionsoft is it can do so much! Actually, the correct statement is it can get to one conclusion using many different avenues. So give the person who is going to be running the software some time… time for training with the freedom to get in the software and play with it without expecting amazing results.
  • Hire Help: When you get Infusionsoft it is a safe assumption that if you have office help they probably do not know the software. So, you can dedicate one office person to learning and being in charge of your Infusionsoft work. Or you can hire a virtual assistant to do your Infusionsoft work for you. The beauty of that is you only have to pay them for the amount of time they work on your Infusionsoft account.

I hope that one of these tips has helped you. We offer a free 30 minute discussion to learn your needs and how we can best help you with them and how Infusionsoft can be of benefit to your company.

You can call us at 682-225-4034 or visit us at

YouTube Marketing Tip Videos

YouTube Marketing Tip VidoesIn today’s social-media market, YouTube videos are an extremely important part of marketing and will add a whole new dimension to marketing your business.  The key is to create content that addresses your audience’s needs.   To that end, Your Virtual Marketing Machine has created helpful YouTube Marketing Tip Videos.

Shawn Snyder is the founder and owner of Your Virtual Marketing Machine and has posted several YouTube Marketing Tip Videos.  These marketing tips include topics such as “Old Fashion Customer Service”, based on the book by Michael E. Gerber, called The E-Myth Revisited:  Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It.”  So, whatever happened to good old customer service?  Shawn still believes in it and bases her business on it.  Service with a smile, a warm friendly greeting, an I’ll-take-care-of-that-for-you attitude, knowing her customers by their first name, and building trust relationships with her customers.  These “old-fashioned” ideas may not seem groundbreaking to some, but she genuinely believes that her customers are the heart of her business and strives to treat them with the utmost respect.

Another helpful marketing tip video is “Using InfusionSoft as Your Business CRM”.  The acromyn CRM stands for customer relationship management, and Infusionsoft is a sales and marketing automation software platform.   Infusionsoft is a great tool to use for sales funnel, as well as for email marketing and e-commerce needs.  If you are looking for an upgrade to your CRM system, contact us for a free, no obligation consult to see if Infusionsoft is the right marketing tool for you.

Other Helpful YouTube Marketing Tip Videos by Shawn

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Shawn believes that attentive customer service isn’t just the “nice” thing to do, but the RIGHT thing to do.  To speak with Shawn directly about any questions you may have about a marketing strategy that is right for your business, call her at 682-225-4034.

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