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Here are some of the questions that we have been asked in the past. Look over the questions and see if if clears up any questions you might have. If not you can email us at team@yvmm.net and our team will work on getting an answer to you.

Question: What services do you offer?

Answer: Our company works to provide, post, schedule and maintain content to your online platforms which can include your WordPress sites, email marketing and social media platforms. To learn more visit our service page at http://www.yourvirtualmarketingmachine.com/services.


Question:  What are your prices?

Answer: That is a good question. We treat each person and business as an individual entity each with their own wants and needs. It really does take a phone call and a conversation to answer that question fairly. You can reach us Monday – Friday 8-4 pm central time by calling 682-225-4034.

Question: How do you ensure confidentiality with my work?

Answer: Each person who works at YVMM signs a confidentiality agreement before they start working with us. No client work is discusses or shared outside the walls of YVMM and we never share who we work for and the work we do with other clients without consent. When we start working with a client we also sign a contract that outlines the confidentiality of working with us.


Question: How do you bill?

Answer: At YVMM we usually bill the first month upfront and then bill on a monthly basis.

Question: When can you start working on my account?

Answer: Once your first payment is received and all paperwork is signed you will be placed on our calendar within 2 to 3 days with work starting then.



Question: What guarantees do you offer?

Answer: We offer the following guarantees:

Your Virtual Marketing Machine guaranteeYour Virtual Marketing Machine guarantee


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