Social Media Marketing:

Our Social Media Marketing & Management ensure that…

  • You never stress over content for your social media ever!

  • Your social media pages will make you the authority in your industry because of the amount of content on your  pages.

  • You will have peace of mind knowing that YVMM monitors your social media pages and what people are saying about your business.

  • There is daily oversight and engagement with your readership.

  • You have the satisfaction of knowing that there will always be bonuses while working with Your Virtual Marketing Machine.

To get started with Social Media Marketing, call 682-225-4034.



The Email Marketing Machine

  • Create and schedule weekly emails.  Each week we send a different type of email to your contacts; these include, but not limited to motivational, educational, sales-tip, etc.

  • Customized business brand/logo with your signature line.

  • Monthly Newsletters.

  • Bonus: You pick the day of the week the email sends.

  • Bonus: We schedule each email to go out.

We are here to help you with Email Marketing.  Contact



WordPress Website Services, Security and Maintenance

  • Branded content blog written and placed on your business WordPress website with applicable picture included.

  • Bonus: Weekly website maintenance & security.  We physically log into your website and…

    • Update all plug-ins and themes.

    • Place Wordfence plugin and run security check of the website.

If you would like to know more about creating a WordPress Website for your business, call 682-225-4034.



Infusionsoft Services

    • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Service Provider

    • Email Marketing

    • Campaign Building

    • E-Commerce Setup

Let us help you keep your contacts close with InfusionSoft email automation.  Just email

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