POW (Presence Online Wow!) Package

This package is for the ultimate seeker of marketing .

This package includes many services and bonuses:

Everything you need to be present online!
• Monthly Social Media Management:
4 social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest)
Develop content up to 2 times a day/7 days a week with unique postings. 100% custom with your branding
Social Media Bonuses:
• Reputation Management
• weekly reporting
• Daily oversight and engagement with audience
• Ongoing industry research
• Increased online exposure
• Web presence and increased activity
• Credibility as the expert in their field
• Social Media Setup or revamping
• Have Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram tabs added
• Monthly Email Marketing Management
• Create & schedule weekly emails:
• Each week we will send a different type of email.
-motivational -educational -sales -tip
• Your logo and signature line included
Email Marketing Bonuses:
You pick the day they go out
We schedule each email to go out
Email Marketing Setup or revamping
• Monthly Blog & WordPress Management & Maintenance
• Weekly blog written & placed on WordPress website with picture included.
WordPress Site Bonus:
•Weekly website maintenance:We physically log into your website update all plug-ins & themes. Place Wordfence plugin and run security check of the site

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